XLVets Leadership Book Club July 2023 - Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek

28 Jul 2023

The XLVets Leadership Book Club met to discuss Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek last night.

The session was led as ever by James Rivers our very own literary expert. James can read and digest a book like no one we have ever met! And he leads a great and inclusive discussion.

Members reflected on the digestible way the leadership messages were delivered through storytelling.

The polystyrene Cup story, a grounding tale of 'prestige' being attached to your role.

The fascinating reflections on our "Chemical Dependency" that contribute to our feelings, the "selfish" chemicals of endorphins and dopamine which drive us forward and the "selfless chemicals" serotonin and oxytocin which lead us to develop feelings of trust and loyalty. The members reflected that by being linked to veterinary it is often comforting to find answers in the science.

The leading millennials section and appendix also delivered sage advice for us all living in a technologically driven world, whether working, living or parenting.

A fascinating read that stimulated a great discussion.

We look forward to discussing Brené Brown Dare to Lead in October, where we welcome members of Veterinary Women in Leadership to join us.

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